20x saved time.
100% saved in commissions.

Automate your wholesale business and drive more revenue with Candid.

"Since signing up for Candid our average order size has increased 42% and invoices are getting paid faster than ever."
Lisa Jones
Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Why Candid?

  • 20x saved time and 100% saved in commissions. Automate your wholesale business with Candid.
  • Build sustainable business with consistent orders and stable relationships. 
  • Preserve your profit margins. Selling directly to retailers with Candid More accurately predict profit margins and estimated EBITDA. With Candid you can confidently plan and expand business operations.
  • Establish strong relationships and build a network of regular buyers and  with them as you grow. As these relationships develop, your business can reallocate savings towards marketing and development of new products. Candid helps you to develop, grow, and control your relationships with buyers.

Why not just sell on a marketplace?

  • You can choose to sell goods via marketplaces sites such as Amazon, Faire, or can sell directly to your clients with Candid.
  • Each channel has its own advantages –marketplaces allow for quick and easy sales, which are often better suited to bigger companies that are already equipped to deal with large quantities of orders. Selling directly to retailers with Candid helps to build reliable B2B relationships, which means that your business can create a substantial customer base that will result in more predictable profits for your business.
  • Marketplaces tend to squeeze margins. Often it is difficult to become big on the marketplaces as a wholesaler, as the market is already saturated and competitive, buyers’ decision to purchase can be based on the price, which means you have to sell your products at a lower price than you originally intended.
  • If you are not a large business you might lack the capacity, both physically and monetarily, to consistently produce and/or manage large quantities of stock. Selling on Candid will preserve your profit margins while placing your products on marketplaces will further squeeze your margins.

Stop overpaying for "free."

Wholesale Marketplace

Tools for growth.

Collaborative order form

  • Build orders together with buyers
  • Integrated message system keeps conversations in one place
  • No order limit

Virtual storefront

  • Greet first-time buyers with a custom digital storefront
  • Control access to your wholesale catalog
  • Incorporate existing PDF lookbooks and line sheets, or start from scratch

Cash flow management

  • Manage payments in or out of Candid
  • Track shipments and invoices in real time
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices

Signals & analytics

  • Download CSV sales reports at the order, customer, product level
  • Track visits to your Storefront and Catalog with Selling Signals

Integrated payments

  • All payment types supported (ACH, credit, cash)
  • Secure credit card processing via Stripe
  • Transaction fees 3.4% for credit, 0% for all others

App integrations

  • Sync product and inventory data directly with your DTC ecommerce
  • Two-way integration with Shipstation
  • Quickly build your storefront with images from Instagram

Affiliate Program

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