Candid Orders have a new look!

We’re excited to announce some big improvements to the ordering experience in Candid! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and what’s different.


Everything's still here, just re-organized.

The biggest change is the new left-hand menu to help navigate your order. Whether you’re creating, reviewing, invoicing, printing or messaging, your order will always open to the correct view, with the others just a click away.

It's now easier to view the Catalog and Order at the same time.

The new “Order Summary” acts like a shopping cart view and can be popped out and pinned at any time, letting you keep an eye on what you’re building as you’re building it.

Shipping & Invoicing have their own tabs.

It’s now easier than ever to see at a glance which parts of the order lifecycle need your attention, with dedicated tabs and alert badges for both “Shipping & Delivery” and “Invoices & Payments.”

A better mobile ordering experience.

Finally, the mobile ordering interface has gotten a major overhaul, with less clutter, better organization, and more mobile-friendly inputs.


Thanks to everyone who gave us such great feedback over the past several months! We’ve updated our documentation for Sellers here and our documentation for Buyers here – please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

"It's not just a little easier for my customers to buy on Candid – it's night and day."
Samantha Hough
Pigeon Toe Ceramics

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