Your command
center for wholesale.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and emails. Candid’s wholesale platform streamlines the entire process – so you can focus on growing your business.

Virtual wholesale storefront embedded into your existing brand website or hosted on ours.


Collaborative order form with built-in messaging and approval workflows.


Invoicing, digital payments, and shipment tracking.


Business analytics and reporting at the product, order, and customer level.


Get started in hours, not months. With dedicated support for you and your buyers.


“Since signing up for Candid our average order size has increased 42% and invoices are getting paid faster than ever.”

Lisa Jones
Pigeon Toe Ceramics

No missing orders, no missing invoices.

Stay on top of your business by managing your selling, shipping and invoicing all in one place. No more costly miscommunication from orders going to spam or buyers ordering from an out-of-date catalog. 

A wholesale experience your buyers will love.

Your Candid Wholesale Storefront is always up to date and easily accessible to your customers. They can build orders alongside you, ask questions, auto-reorder, track shipments, and pay you, all on Candid.

Save hours each week by automating repetitive workflows.

Set it up once, then save up to 70% of the time you currently spend on repetitive tasks like onboarding buyers and reviewing repeat orders. Candid can handle any combination of shipping, billing, and inventory strategies you throw at it.

See Candid in action.


Candid works with the tools you already have.

Sync inventory, shipping, and payments across platforms. Candid lets you do more of what you already do well.

“Until Candid, wholesale was just painful. Now it’s finally simple and under control and we have room to grow.”

Leah Stovel
North of West

There's so much Candid can do for you.

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