Share your virtual showroom.

Put your best foot forward with a gorgeous custom digital storefront. Control access to your wholesale catalog without needing to hide who you are.

"The Candid platform allows our brand to create clear and concise terms to support the needs of our company while also creating clarity and ease for buyers that we work with."
Cassie Ridgway
Altar PDX

How can a Candid storefront help my wholesale business?

We designed our software from the ground up to take the guesswork, miscommunication and risk out of running your wholesale business. With Candid, you can:

Candid Storefront - Your Virtual showroom

Share your storefront, not your catalog.

Put the public link to your virtual showroom right on your website or in your email footer. From there, where they go is up to you: you can let people right into your catalog straightaway, or have them fill out a contact form, email you directly, and even schedule a virtual meeting.

Let verified buyers start shopping immediately.

Once a buyer has been verified – either by you or by Candid – they can start building draft orders from your Candid catalog immediately.

Add B2B to your existing site.

No more compromises on customization vs features – Candid lets you put your brand front and center without losing access to any functionality, even embedding the entire buying experience on your existing website.

And that's just the beginning.

Cash flow management

  • Manage payments in or out of Candid
  • Track shipments and invoices in real time
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices

Reporting & analytics

  • Download CSV sales reports at the order, customer, product level
  • Track visits to your Storefront and Catalog with Selling Signals

Integrated payments

  • All payment types supported (ACH, credit, cash)
  • Secure credit card processing via Stripe
  • Transaction fees 3.4% for credit, 0% for all others

App integrations

  • Sync product and inventory data directly with your DTC ecommerce
  • API integration with Shipstation, Quickbooks, and more.

Integrated messaging

  • Manage communication in or out of Candid
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices
  • Notify via email, or don't

...plus so much more

  • Sell immediates alongside pre-orders
  • Fine-grained notification routing
  • Quickly build your storefront with images from Instagram

Ready to move wholesale online?

"Candid provided the ideal platform for a wholesale trade show when makers needed support the most."
Meghan Sinnott

Candid works with the tools you already have.

Sync inventory, shipping, and payments across platforms. Candid lets you do more of what you already do well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We’re happy to be your one and only wholesale channel, but we also don’t mind sharing. Wholesale is hard enough as is – we don’t want to add to that!

Unlimited orders at all plan levels.

You can add as many users as you need. The primary contact defaults to the person who signed up, which you are able to change at any time.

  • We don’t replace your DTC store
  • We don’t replace your accounting software
  • We don’t replace your shipping software
  • We don’t charge order transaction fees
  • We don’t collect, share or sell personal data

We do not charge order transaction fees. Instead, we offer monthly paid subscription plans that you can read more about here. If you choose to use Candid Pay, our optional order payment processor powered by Stripe, you will be charged a small, standard processing fee which you can read more about here.

For Sellers

  • A CSV or e-commerce store from which to upload your products into Candid. We currently integrate directly with Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce. We also accept CSV uploads from pretty much anywhere else, provided they have all the columns we need (product title, option, primary image, etc.)
  • A location to ship from.
  • A way to accept payments. (This can be as basic as the words “Send me a check”)
  • Ideally a computer. Candid works on mobile and tablet, but a lot of the seller features are much, much easier to use on a computer.

We are similar to a wholesale marketplace in that we are a buying and selling platform, but we are different in that Candid is primarily a tool used to manage your wholesale activities all in one place. 


Most marketplaces are good for discovery, but that’s about it, and they generally offer more benefits to the buyer. You also run the risk of competing with similar brands and having fewer repeat customers. Candid’s software, however, makes it easy to create and maintain relationships with your vendors – sellers get to know buyers, see order history and have direct communication. Candid will also never advertise competitors’ goods to your customers, which is the main feature of some marketplaces.

Buyers will see everything imported from your DTC product page: all of your imported images, product description, available sizes, variants and both MSRP & wholesale pricing.

When you sync your ecommerce store, all of your available products will be imported to Candid. From there, you choose which items to include your wholesale catalog. Buyers will see only the products you choose to make available, and you don’t have to worry about updates to your DTC site making it into your Candid catalog until you’re ready to add them.

You can create sections for different seasons or product (eg, Shirts, Womens, Pre-Fall, Closeouts.)

For Buyers

  • Reseller license.
  • A location to receive shipments.
  • A unique web address for your account (social media is fine if you don’t have a website).

There's much more that Candid can do for you.

Let’s get started.