Discounts & Special Pricing

Candid For All


Certain types of business may be eligible for discounted Candid. Read on to learn more about our various Candid For All plans, or get started with our quick online application.

Find the plan that's right for you.

For Nonprofits

  • US-based 501c3 or 501c19 nonprofit
  • Certified international charity
  • Discounted Candid with annual check-in

For Black & Indigenous Owned Businesses

  • Business meets program eligibility per FAQ
  • Discounted Candid with annual check-in

Plan Terms

  • All Candid For All subscriptions offer Pro-level features at a discounted price
  • See FAQ below for details

"The Candid crew is dedicated to developing a platform that evens the playing field."
Meghan Sinnott

Candid For All FAQs

All plans under the “Candid For All” program offer the same benefit: annual subscriptions to Candid Pro at a rate of 33% off the listed price.

In all other ways this is a standard, Pro-level subscription. There is no minimum or lock-in beyond the standard monthly or annual subscription terms, detailed in our website Terms & Conditions.

For plans with an annual check-in, that may sound time-consuming – it’s not. We just do a quick phone or email check-up once per year to verify that your company hasn’t changed so substantially that you’re no longer eligible for the program. 

Candid is offering these rates to companies that are >51% Black or Indigenous owned as a small but tangible attempt to contribute to equity in commerce. We recognize that buying and selling is better when everyone has equal access. We hope our tools can help bridge the gaps. Candid is committed to educating our team and working towards inclusivity at all levels.