Grow your wholesale fashion & apparel business with confidence.

Candid is the all-in-one platform for B2B fashion & apparel sales. Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and emails – Candid streamlines your entire sales process, no matter the size of your business.


Fashion & Apparel brands grow faster with Candid.


“No other platform offers what Candid does. We're able to run wholesale for all of our brands with accurate, up-to-date sales data.”

Collabfashion manages some of the biggest names in zero waste apparel. Founders Tracey & Tyler needed a single place to manage nearly a dozen brands, hundreds of retailers and their own internal reporting.


Key Candid Features: Manage relationships and reporting across brands and reps. Customized multi-brand Storefront. Dedicated customer support specialist.



“We saved over 160 administrative hours in our first 6 months on Candid.”

Ginew joined Candid in May 2022 and has been steadily bringing in retail partners. Not only has Ginew saved time with Candid, partners appreciate how easy it is to order and support a small business.

Key Candid Features: Multiple users per account, 0% commission fees, easy retailer sign up.


“Candid is the most cost effective way to do wholesale for our growing company.”

Canada-based women’s wear line PRIV produces cozy intimates, sleepwear and stylish essentials made for busy women everywhere.


Key Candid Features: Easy buyer reorders, flexible inventory accounting, responsive customer service.


“I love your company and customer service. Keep up the good work!”

Artist led The NTVS clothing started using Candid at the beginning of 2022, a couple months before a certain star of Hulu’s Reservation Dogs repped them on social media. Buyers flocked to make a wholesale connection.


Key Candid Features: Split shipments, unlimited orders, responsive customer support.



What's so special about Candid?

We designed our software from the ground up to take the guesswork and miscommunication out of running your wholesale fashion & apparel business. With Candid, you can:

Tools for growth.

Collaborative order form

  • Build orders together with buyers
  • Integrated message system keeps conversations in one place
  • No order limit

Virtual storefront

  • Greet first-time buyers with a custom digital storefront
  • Control access to your wholesale catalog
  • Incorporate existing PDF lookbooks and line sheets, or start from scratch

Cash flow management

  • Manage payments in or out of Candid
  • Track shipments and invoices in real time
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices

Signals & analytics

  • Download CSV sales reports at the order, customer, product level
  • Track visits to your Storefront and Catalog with Selling Signals

Integrated payments

  • All payment types supported (ACH, credit, cash)
  • Secure credit card processing via Stripe
  • Transaction fees 3.4% for credit, 0% for all others

App integrations

  • Sync product and inventory data directly with your DTC ecommerce
  • Two-way integration with Shipstation
  • Quickly build your storefront with images from Instagram


Stay on top of your cash flow.

No more missed or forgotten invoices. Whatever your terms, however you bill, Candid’s simple, secure payment system is always up to date and integrated directly into orders.

Share your storefront.

Put your best foot forward with a gorgeous custom digital storefront. Incorporate existing lookbooks and line sheets, or start from scratch. With Candid you can control access to your wholesale catalog without needing to hide who you are.


Collaborate with your buyers.

Skip the spreadsheets and build orders together with Candid’s intuitive, shareable order forms. We consulted with dozens of brands, retailers and showrooms to design our best-in-class ordering system, which takes the best parts of traditional paper order forms and brings them into the 21st century with integrated messaging, reserved inventory tracking, two-party approval workflows and so much more.

Find what you need – quickly.

Cut through the noise with powerful tags and filters. Need to get your data out of Candid? No problem – export a CSV or PDF and keep working the way you prefer.


Ready to move wholesale online?

"The Candid crew is dedicated to developing a platform that evens the playing field."
Meghan Sinnott

Candid works with the tools you already have.

Sync inventory, shipping, and payments across platforms. Candid lets you do more of what you already do well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how tight margins are for apparel, especially when you include materials, labor, shipping. We don’t take commissions or fees on your sales, so you are able to make the profit you need to keep growing. We make a point of having a pricing plan for every size business.

Yes! We’re happy to be your one and only wholesale channel, but we also don’t mind sharing. Wholesale is hard enough as is – we don’t want to add to that!

Unlimited orders at all plan levels.

You can add as many users as you need. The primary contact defaults to the person who signed up, which you are able to change at any time.

  • We don’t replace your DTC store
  • We don’t replace your accounting software
  • We don’t replace your shipping software
  • We don’t charge order transaction fees
  • We don’t collect, share or sell personal data

We do not charge order transaction fees. Instead, we offer monthly paid subscription plans that you can read more about here. If you choose to use Candid Pay, our optional order payment processor powered by Stripe, you will be charged a small, standard processing fee which you can read more about here.

For Sellers

  • A CSV or e-commerce store from which to upload your products into Candid. We currently integrate directly with Shopify, Squarespace, and WooCommerce. We also accept CSV uploads from pretty much anywhere else, provided they have all the columns we need (product title, option, primary image, etc.)
  • A location to ship from.
  • A way to accept payments. (This can be as basic as the words “Send me a check”)
  • Ideally a computer. Candid works on mobile and tablet, but a lot of the seller features are much, much easier to use on a computer.

We are similar to a wholesale marketplace in that we are a buying and selling platform, but we are different in that Candid is primarily a tool used to manage your wholesale activities all in one place. 


Most marketplaces are good for discovery, but that’s about it, and they generally offer more benefits to the buyer. You also run the risk of competing with similar brands and having fewer repeat customers. Candid’s software, however, makes it easy to create and maintain relationships with your vendors – sellers get to know buyers, see order history and have direct communication. Candid will also never advertise competitors’ goods to your customers, which is the main feature of some marketplaces.

Yes! Candid supports tracking numbers from all platforms (and integrates directly with Shipstation) so your order and shipping info are synced and buyers can track their shipments.

Yes! Candid’s analytics can show you best-selling products across buyers, seasons, or any other criteria you’d like.

Candid can sync inventory with your e-commerce store for up-to-the-minute numbers, so you never oversell a product. If an item is out of stock, it will be highlighted and the buyer can make a request order on future stock.

Yes. This is a common way for brands to move through older stock. Bulk editing makes it easy to change the price on multiple products at the same time. You can also add discounts on your invoice.

We let brands choose their own terms, because you know what is best for your company. Our invoices accommodate whichever payment terms & methods you prefer (including integrated credit card payment via Candid Pay).

For Buyers

  • Reseller license.
  • A location to receive shipments.
  • A unique web address for your account (social media is fine if you don’t have a website).

There's much more that Candid can do for you.

Let’s get started.