Candid vs. Faire

Choosing the right wholesale platform for your business.

Candid wholesale

A better way to wholesale.

Predictable Fees

$49/mo. And that's it. Faire charges between 15% and 25% on every order.

Relationships Matter

Our focus on relationships over one-off sales means fewer miscommunications and more reorders.

Syncs To Your Store

If you love data entry, you'll hate our direct integration with your existing store's catalog and inventory.

We're Non-Exclusive

We're happy to be your one and only wholesale channel, but we also don't mind sharing.

Showcase the brand behind the products.

Start a reorder with a store you know, or share your OPEN storefront with potential new buyers. Let new partners get to know your brand (and your terms) before throwing them headlong into a catalog.

Keep everything in one place.

Take the guesswork and miscommunication out of your wholesale business.

  • Manage your selling, shipping, and invoicing
  • Collaborate on orders with stores and reps
  • Keep track of your relationships, effortlessly
"The Candid crew is dedicated to developing a platform that evens the playing field."
Meghan Sinnott


Get all of Candid free for your first $5000 in orders.
Then pick the plan that’s right for you.

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  • Free, forever
  • $0/mo
    •  Private Catalog Links
    • 1-Click Invoicing
    • For Brands & Retailers
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  • PRO
  • Get much more for not that much more
  • $49/mo
    • OPEN Discovery Profile
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Best for Brands
  • Consider us your personal assistant
  • $499/mo
    • Multiple Brands
    • Marketing Support
    • Dedicated Specialist

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