Wholesale Guide: B2B Software Integration

Seamless Integration With Candid

As much as we’d like a true “all in one” solution, no one app could ever run your entire business. That’s why Candid integrates with the rest of the software you use, from accounting to production to logistics and beyond. This quick guide will show you how to keep Candid in sync with the rest of your operations – and vice verse.

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Accounting, finance & bookkeeping integrations.

Need to connect Candid to your accounting software? No problem. Candid has a robust first party integration with QuickBooks Online, as well as workflows for many other popular bookkeeping apps, such as Xero, Wave, Freshbooks and more.

Shipping, 3PL & wholesale logistics.

Candid can integrate seamlessly with over 1000 shipping and logistics providers, including ShipStation and Extensiv. If you choose not to use one of our API integrations, you can also print labels from directly within Candid or export orders to CSV for processing anywhere you’d like.

Multichannel inventory management.

Keeping real-time inventory counts accurate across channels is critical, especially if you’re selling the same product wholesale and direct to consumer. Candid offers unprecedented flexibility in B2B inventory management – no matter what your  wholesale inventory strategy, we’ve got you covered. 

Reporting & analytics.

Candid offers detailed reporting at the order, product, and customer level. All of our reporting tools can be used in-app or exported for use in the BI, forecasting, or data visualization tools of your choice.

Custom EDI integrations.

Using a legacy EDI system? No problem. Candid plays nice with EDI and one of our solutions engineers will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and timetable.

And everything else.

Candid is an official Zapier integration partner, which means you can easily build any integration you want with their no-code solution and thousands of apps, many of which you probably use every day. Connect Candid to HubSpot, Slack, Google Sheets, Shippo, and many, many more.

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