Wholesale Guide: B2B Customer Onboarding

Better First-Time Buying Experience

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, changing your wholesale ordering process takes time, and first impressions matter. Candid makes it easy to get your existing B2B customers set up, as well as welcome (and verify) new ones, both online & in person.

1. Import

Import & invite existing customers

2. Welcome

Welcome & verify new buyers

3. Do It Live

Take first-time orders in person

1. Import your existing B2B customers.

You’re getting started with Candid but you’re not getting started with wholesale. Let’s look at how to introduce your existing B2B buyers to your new wholesale portal, with a minimum of fuss.

Customer import & onboarding, step by step

Export Your Customer List

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 the process is simple. Download a list of your customers in as much detail as you can get (from Quickbooks, HubSpot, or wherever you keep this info).

Candid Handles The Import

Once you get us this CSV, we'll take it from there. We add all of your contacts, addresses, websites, etc. If one of your stockists is already on Candid, we connect them instantly to you.

(Optional) Set Up Custom Rules

This step is optional, but if you're working with multiple price lists, currencies, catalogs or the like, you can set each retailer up so everything's just right before their first login.

Invite Them To Candid

Once a customer has been added, you can invite them in using a personalized onboarding link. Simply copy the link to an email, and they’ll skip 2/3 of the setup process and get right to shopping.

A seamless transition for existing wholesale customers.

CSV Import

Local Currencies

Price Lists

Onboarding Link

Net Terms


Limited Catalogs


2. Welcome new wholesale buyers.

For new B2B buyers, there’s always delicate balance between ease of use & security. Here’s how Candid lets the right ones in without making anyone jump through hoops.

Getting ready for new buyers, step by step

Customize Your Storefront

Whether it's hosted on Candid or embedded directly on your site, you'll want to start by getting your Storefront looking and feeling like the rest of your brand.

(Optional) Build Your Customer Application Form

If you want to screen walk-in buyers before letting them see your wholesale catalog, you can build a fully custom application form and approve or reject them individually.

Let The World Know!

Once your Customer Application Form is set up, you can freely share your wholesale storefront link far and wide. New and returning customers will have a familiar URL for their B2B ecommerce experience.

A secure, branded storefront for new buyers.

Application Form

Custom Branding

Unique URLs

Flexible Approval

Full Verification


First Order MOQ

Custom Fields

3. Taking wholesale orders in-person.

Last but not least, sometimes you just need to strike while the iron is hot. Whether you’re at a trade show or taking an order over the phone yourself, Candid makes it easy to build, approve & invoice orders yourself in real time. 

Taking an order at a trade show, step by step

Find Or Create The Buyer's Company

Whether a wholesale buyer is already in Candid or this is their first time, it's quick and easy to look them up by name or URL and get the order built and send without needing to wait for them to do anything.

Draft & Finalize The Order

You and/or the buyer can build the order directly from the shoppable wholesale catalog, confirm payment & shipment information, and finalize the order in a single step, on a single device.

Invoice (Or Get Paid Right Away)

If you're working with net terms, you can set a due date and send the wholesale invoice, otherwise you can use the built in Candid Pay terminal to accept credit card or ACH payment in the moment.

There's so much Candid can do for you.

Let’s get started.