Wholesale Guide: Institutional B2B & Trade Sales

Managing Trade Accounts With Candid

A single portal for all your B2B sales – not just wholesale.

Trade vs. Wholesale

B2B buyers are a diverse group, made up of not only retailers but institutional buyers and trade accounts, end-users who need an easy and secure way to buy from you in bulk. Candid has a number of features designed for just these types of customers.

Multiple price lists & catalogs

If you’re selling to the trade, you likely negotiate pricing and product availability on a case by case basis. With Candid, it’s easy to create as many different Catalogs and Price Lists as you need, whether it’s as simple as adding a second “Trade Pricing” Catalog or creating custom pricing & availability lists for each customer you work with. 

Volume pricing

Do you sell products with unit prices that change depending on the quantity ordered? Whether you call it tiered pricing, volume discounts or price breaks, Candid supports unlimited custom pricing options right out of the box.

Customer-specific tax rules

We don’t need to tell you how complicated taxes can be when you’re selling B2B in multiple territories. Candid lets you set as many different tax strategies as you need and apply them at the catalog, customer, and/or shipment level.

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