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Modern challenges need modern solutions. Candid’s virtual trade show platform reunites brands with retailers to move wholesale online.

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Show room for all

OPEN on Candid is a complete and intuitive platform that democratizes wholesale. Whether they’re a seasoned exhibitor or a first-season attendee, our suite of tools and proprietary data help everyone go show-to-shelf in less time.

Works for any size, work from anywhere.

Free to join and easy to start for events from 5 to 5000 exhibitors. Whether they’re on JOOR, NuOrder, Faire (or no platform at all), they can show without changing a thing.

A beautiful buying experience.

Customizable, modern, and discovery-driven show floors nurture connection and promote a naturally diverse marketplace. Exhibitors can be show-ready in minutes.

Focus on the future.

Powerful tools help participants buy, sell, pay, and plan – letting you focus on producing fully virtual or hybrid trade shows. Stay open, now and into the new normal.

"Candid provided the ideal platform for a wholesale trade show when makers needed support the most."
Meghan Sinnott

Ready to move wholesale online?

Bring your brands and retailers from IRL to URL.