Accelerate wholesale.

Spend less time prospecting and more time selling with Candid’s Wholesale Accelerator.

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Trusted by thousands of brands and retailers.


You need retail buyers.

But accomplishing this is easier said than done.


You need Wholesale Accelerator.

Candid lives at the center of thousands of wholesale relationships, giving us key audience data we can use to play matchmaker. We know how to send the right message to the right person at the right time, both on our platform and elsewhere.


Find the right buyers.

Take advantage of our unique market intelligence. We give you everything you need to cut through the noise and send the right message to the right person at the right time, without wasting your wholesale marketing budget on uninterested end consumers.


Share your B2B storefront anytime, anywhere.

No more waiting for trade shows or in-person events – your Candid Storefront is more than a landing page, it’s a concierge that never sleeps, qualifying buyers and providing gated access to your online wholesale catalog.


Send and receive unlimited orders, with no commission.

Unlike marketplaces that take 10-25% of every order, Candid gets out of the way and lets you sell directly to your buyers. Unlimited orders with unlimited buyers for a fixed monthly price. No commissions, no rules about doing business on other platforms, no catch. 

And that's just the beginning.

Cash flow management

  • Manage payments in or out of Candid
  • Track shipments and invoices in real time
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices

Reporting & analytics

  • Download CSV sales reports at the order, customer, product level
  • Track visits to your Storefront and Catalog with Selling Signals

Integrated payments

  • All payment types supported (ACH, credit, cash)
  • Secure credit card processing via Stripe
  • Transaction fees 3.4% for credit, 0% for all others

App integrations

  • Sync product and inventory data directly with your DTC ecommerce
  • API integration with Shipstation, Quickbooks, and more.

Integrated messaging

  • Manage communication in or out of Candid
  • Send reminders for past-due invoices
  • Notify via email, or don't

...plus so much more

  • Sell immediates alongside pre-orders
  • Fine-grained notification routing
  • Quickly build your storefront with images from Instagram

Ready to accelerate your wholesale?

"The Candid crew is dedicated to developing a platform that evens the playing field."
Meghan Sinnott

Candid works with the tools you already have.

Sync inventory, shipping, and payments across platforms. Candid lets you do more of what you already do well.

There's much more that Candid can do for you.

Let’s get started.