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  • Excited to announce we are an official @Squarespace extension partner!

  • Thanks @geekwire for the lovely writeup!

  • It’s now easier than ever to dig into your sales data with a wide range of analytics and reporting tools!

  • Your Relationships page now includes Selling Signals, a new tool for gauging the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

  • Candid now supports three different invoicing and payment workflows: Candid Pay, External Invoice, and Manual Payment.

  • Need to send someone a link to your order but they aren't in Candid? No problem!

  • This is a bit in the weeds, but for products with multiple options of the same type, Candid now shows option names.

  • If you sell in Candid, you now have a Seller HQ that highlights recently updated orders and anything requiring your atte

  • With Candid's ShipStation integration, the "Ready to ship" & "Send shipment" buttons will now send approved orders to Sh

  • Now you can sort and group your orders by the date you probably care about the most: last updated.