You got into Whole Foods? Great!

Now get into Mom-and-Pops.

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Amazing news! You got into Whole Foods! That’s incredible 🎉🎉🎉


Your next step should now be to get into as many Mom-and-Pops as you can.


That sounds counter intuitive, but here’s why:


1. You’re probably going to lose money selling to WFM for the foreseeable future.  

Whole Foods has negotiated the lowest costs possible with their distributors to the point where even the distributors don’t make much if anything. Distributor profit has to come from somewhere. So it’s going to come from you, in the form of deductions, required promotions and other… surprises.


We’ve spoken to VERY large and successful companies that make absolutely no margin selling to their largest accounts. That doesn’t make it a bad thing to do because…



2. The value of Whole Foods is primarily in product awareness.

It’s hard and expensive to get in front of that many customers in the key moment when they’re actively shopping for products like yours in an environment they trust. That’s an important part of your goal of earning “Share Of Stomach.” But besides having you on shelf, they may not do much to help you get off shelf. 



Now let’s talk about Mom-and-Pops. 



First off, they probably won’t move the same volume. Fewer shoppers = fewer total sales.  But what they do have is customer loyalty, strong curation, the ability to advocate for your brand, and – let’s be honest – they don’t often have the buying power to pay the lowest prices, which may mean there’s margin for you at the end of the day.



There’s an emotional response (and rightly so) to landing big accounts, but those companies will always end up the winners of your relationship. Your smaller accounts, on the other hand, have incentives that are much more healthily aligned with yours. 



There’s a risk though, and it’s real. They can take more time to work with, and they’re idiosyncratic. These accounts are much more human, with all the good and bad that comes with that. Each relationship needs some management, and if you don’t have processes in place to make working with those accounts easy, especially their ordering process, then their value can be overshadowed by account management costs and headaches. 



Here’s where Candid comes in. 



Candid lets mom-and-pop shops order from you online, either with a separate direct portal, or white-label ordering embedded into a wholesale page of your site. Their wholesale buying experience is smooth and tailored, giving you everything you need in one place, from per-customer pricing / availability, net terms, to one-click reorders, wholesale EDI and pretty much anything else you can think of. Everything is organized and integrated with your other systems, so that ultimately these small accounts can have a huge impact on your business – driving adoption, margin, brand advocacy, and the experience of building long-term relationships in interconnected communities – without the challenges that have long been associated with wholesale marketplaces.


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